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Departments Notifications are given below :

Sl. No Date Memo No Subject Document
1 2017-07-20 59-IE The undersigned-do-Order No.3015-F Dt.13.03.2001,Order No.10581-F Dt.28.12.2012-do- 25yrs Sri Pabitra Pal, Superintending Engineer (Civil)I & W D with effect from 24.01.2016. View
2 2017-07-18 58-IE Consequent upon Notification No.20-IE Dt.29.03.2017, -do-Appointing & Disciplinary Authority Junior Engineer-do-I & W D, the question of determining authority-do- the Government for some time past. View
3 2017-07-17 53-IE Amendments of Engineer Services (Civil) View
4 2017-07-17 54-IE Amendments of Engineer Services (Mechanical & Electrical) View
5 2017-07-17 55 - IE CAS for Selection Grade of Superintending Engineers of I&W D after completion of 27 years of service View
6 2017-07-13 49 - W Shifting of Office of Lower Damodar Irrigation Division View
7 2017-07-11 1807-IE Name of EE in Sl-11 of Notification No. 44,30.06.2017 read as 'Shri Sudip Haldar' instead of 'Shri Sudip Halder',Sl-5 name of EE will be read as 'Smt. Achira Adhya' instead of 'Shri Achira Adhya. View
8 2017-07-10 47-IE Governor has been pleased to declare confirmed & to make permanent the service of Sri Dipak Rakshit, Assistant Engineer (Civil)-do-w. e. f. 26.06.2016 in terms of Rule 5(1) View
9 2017-07-07 No.46 Posting of EE to North Irrigation Circle-I View
10 2017-07-03 45 WBHS 2008 benefit extended to work charged employees of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
11 2017-06-30 No. 44 Promotion and posting order of 13 nos. of Executive Engineers from Assistant Engineers of I&W D View
12 2017-06-30 No. 43 Transfer and posting order of 3 nos. of Executive Engineers of I&W D View
13 2017-06-28 1669-IE Name of Assistant Engineer (Civil) in S1.No.6-do- Notification No. 36 dated 05.06.2017 will be'Sri Asok Kumar Sadhukhan' AE Investigation Planning & Evaluation (Central) Division, Berhampore View
14 2017-06-15 38-IE Governor has-do- Sri Subrata Mukherjee, Assistant Engineer (M&E) , Irrigation & Waterways Department-do-, as Assistant Engineer (M&E) View
15 2017-06-13 37-IE Governor is pleased to allow higher scale of pay-do- Rs.28000-52000/- do-of Rs. 7600/- p.m. -do-Executive Engineer (Civil) under Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View
16 2017-06-13 1542-IE The name of Assistant Engineer (Civil) in S1.No.8 of this Department's Notification No. 36 dated 05.06.2017 will be read as 'Sri Tarun Kumar Banerjee' instead of 'Sri Tarun Banerjee' View
17 2017-06-06 1498(8)-IE Request to furnish information as per following formats View
18 2017-06-05 36 Transfer and posting order of 10 nos Assistant Engineers under I&W Dte. View
19 2017-06-05 35-IE The Governor --do--Sri Shushmit Banerjee, Executive Engineer View
20 2017-06-05 36 The Governor is pleased, in the interest of public service, to post/transfer the following existing Assistant Engineers (Civil) of Irrigation & Waterways Directorate View