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1 2017-11-17 2928(8)-IE Training on Cyber Security by C-OACKolkata. View
2 2017-11-14 82 Cancellation of notification no.81 dt. 13.11.2017 of I&W Deptt. View
3 2017-11-14 83 Cancellation of notification no.80 dt. 13.11.2017 of I&W Deptt. View
4 2017-11-13 79 Promotion & Posting order of 2 nos of Chief Engineers under I&W Dte. View
5 2017-11-13 80 Transfer and Posting Order of 12 nos of Superintending Engineers under I&W Dte. View
6 2017-11-13 81 Transfer and Posting Order of 23 nos of Executive Engineers under I&W Dte. View
7 2017-11-10 78 In continuation of this Department's Notification No. 74 dated 13.10.2017, -do-(Irrigation) under Irrigation & Waterways Department, have been found satisfactory. View
8 2017-11-02 76-IE The undersigned is directed by the order of the-do-Sri Goutam Kumar Bandyopadhyay Assistant Engineer (Civil)-do-Notification No.834-PAR(Trg.) Dt.2S.08.2004. View
10 2017-10-31 75-IE The undersigned is directed by the-do-Sri Jayanta Das, Assistant Engineer (Civil), I & W D-doWest Bengal Service of Engineers (Irrigation) w. e. f. 01.01.2016-do- Memo No.5225-F Dt.17.05.199S. View
11 2017-10-17 2649-IE The place of posting of newly appointed Junior Engineers (Civil) -do-No. 73 dated 25.09.2017 -do- below in column-do-of the said Notification of this Department. View
12 2017-10-13 371-IB Modalities of functioning of the PMU and PIU for implementation of the WBMIFMP Project View
13 2017-10-13 74 Appoint the following 15 (fifteen) candidates as Assistant Engineer (Civil) on temporary basis in the West Bengal Service of Engineers (Civil) under I&W Dept. vide PSC, West Bengal View
14 2017-09-25 73 The Governor is hereby pleased-do-Band No. PB - 4 of the Scale of Pay of Rs. 9000-40500 /- with Grade Pay Rs. 4400/-, plus D.A-do-order. View
15 2017-09-22 72 The Governor is pleased to accord-do-(SPMU) I&WD;-do-(WBMIFMP)Chief Engineer,Superintending Engineer,Administrative Officer,Controller of Finance,Accounts Officer View
16 2017-09-08 69 The Governor is pleased, -do- Sri Sunil Chatterjee, Assistant Engineer, who is now posted in Kirnahar (1) Sub-Division, I & W D-do-I & W D on purely deployment basis. View
17 2017-09-08 17-W Allocation of raw surface water (in principle permission). View
18 2017-09-05 15-W Allocation of raw surface water for industrial use View
19 2017-09-05 68-IE The undersigned is directed by the order-do-I & W D, as Permanent Assistant Engineer (Civil) -do-Probation and Confirmation) Rules, 1979. View
20 2017-08-30 67 Transfer and posting order of 1 no. A.E. under I&W Dte. View