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1 2018-04-23 53-IB Job distribution of the Technical officers in the Secretariat of I&W Department. View
2 2018-04-23 936-IE Governor has been pleased to re-designate the following Officials. View
3 2018-04-17 31-IE Governor has been pleased to allow-do-completion of 8 years-do-Junior Engineers-do-CoL2 with effect from the date as specified at CoL4 against each of them , until further order. View
4 2018-04-17 32-IE Governor has been-do- for corrpletion of 16 years-do-Sri Jbanarda Acharya, ,1.lIior Ergineer, Purulia Inve:i.igation & Plannirg Division View
5 2018-04-16 979-IE Governor has been pleased to allow the higher scale of pay-do-favour of Sri Prabhakar Ghosh , Junior Engineer, Berhampore Irrigation Division View
6 2018-04-16 980-IE Governor has been pleased to declare Sri Debashis Sarkar, Assistant Engineer (Civil), as confirmed & permanent in service, working as Assistant Director (Civil), under Dam Safety Organisation, View
7 2018-04-09 14(8)-IB "Latest revised e-Tender standardized format in the Irrigation & Waterways Department" View
8 2018-04-06 10-IB Corrigendum regarding debarment of bidders View
9 2018-04-06 32-IE Implementation of "Statement of Promotion Policy" in respect of Engineering Service to grant Higher Scale in the cadre of Executive Engineer (Civil), I & W Directorate View
10 2018-04-03 25-IW To make permanent the service of Sri Gautam Kumar Jana, Junior Engineer (Civil), working under Irrigation & Waterways Directorate, View
11 2018-04-03 27-IW To allow the higher scale of pay-do-continuous service in favour of Sri Shyarnal Kumar Mondal, Assistant Engineer, Ganga Anti Erosion Division No.-I, View
12 2018-04-03 28-IE To allow the higher scale of pay of Sri Bappa Bhardary,Metropol itan Electrical Division View
13 2018-04-02 26 In pursuance of Notification No. 107 dated 11.01.2018 of this -DO-DO- following existing Engineer Officers of I & W Dte. View
14 2018-04-02 29-IW To allow the Ist higher scale-do- the following Research Officers, Irrigation & Waterways Directorate, now posted as Research Officers, RRI, WB, View
15 2018-03-29 5/1(3) Superintending Engineer, Subamarekha Barrage Circle, the Office of the Superintending Engineer, Western Circle- III is now opened. View
16 2018-03-26 93-IFC Guidelines on riverbank protection and anti-sea erosion works in West Bengal View
17 2018-03-23 746-IE Corrigendum for The posting on Transfer in this Department's Notification No. 20 dated 19.03.2018 in respect View
18 2018-03-23 748-IE Sri Shyamal Kumar Mondal, Assistant Engineer (Civil), working under Ganga Anti Erosion Division No.-I, Irrigation & Waterways Directorate, as confirmed & permanent View
19 2018-03-22 24-IE The undersigned is-do-higher scale of pay-do-8years-do- Junior Engineers as detailed in Co1.2 with effect from the date as specified at Col A against each of them, until further order. View
20 2018-03-21 23 The Governor is hereby pleased, -DO-DO- appoint the following 3 (three) candidate as Assistant Engineer (Civil) on temporary basis in the DO-DO Service (Irrigation) under I&W Department View