• Irrigation & Waterways Department

State Features

Information Chart

Geographical Area 88752 sq. km.
Number of Districts 20
Population 91.30 million (2011 Census)
Population Density 1028 per sq. km. (As per 2011 Census)
Gross Cropped Area 88.32348 lakh ha.
Ultimate Irrigation Potential So Far Assessed 21.52 lakh ha.
Ultimate Irrigation Potential From Major & Medium Projects 26.83 lakh ha.
Irrigation Potential Created Till 1999-2000 Through Major & Medium Projects 16.24 lakh ha.
Surface Water Resources 132.90 lakh ha. m.
Ground Water Resources 14.60 lakh ha. m.
Total Flood Prone Area 37542 sq. km.
Area Already Protected 35,380 sq. km.
Length of Embankment 10,40 km.
Length of Drainage Channel 7,129 km.
No. of Towns Protected 74
Coastal Length 280 km.
Length of Embankment Along Sea and Estuarine Rivers 4,000 km. (Approx.)